Logistics / Supply Chain

Inner LogisticsLTM capabilities include a full range of Logistics and Supply Chain Management skills across the full value chain. We have extensive experience in serving Defense Logistics Agency, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army customers across the U.S. Our experience includes performing weapon system supply, acquisition (Pre/Post Award), system management, MRO, warehousing, administrative and data management support. We are experts in DLA IT systems including EBS, DSS, E-Procurement, DoD E-Mall, and military service systems including TACOM, 043, NALCOMIS, NDMS, ERP and others. Our personnel provide the primary support for DLA in Retail Activity support at the three Navy FRCs at San Diego, Jacksonville and Cherry Point; Supply Chain Management support to DLA at San Diego; Provisioning support at NAVSUP-WSS for Navy and DLA NSN establishment; Audit Readiness and Strategic Contracting support at DLA Aviation; and Sustainment support for Inventory Management and Stock Positioning (IMSPII) and Material Release Order (MRO) support with DLA and the Navy. This includes industrial hardware material support for bins and automated dispensing units in shops and at depot maintenance floor job sites. Our team was the lead contractor in determining IMSP preparation, rollout and sustainment for DLA Aviation for Air Force and Navy. We have “extensive” BRAC consulting, development, transition and implementation experiences in such areas as Organizational Structure, Process Mapping and Manpower recommendations and analysis. We were the lead contractors for DLA Aviation for transitioning DLR Repairable acquisition responsibilities from military services to DLA, as well as identifying key functions and processes for design, testing, evaluation and implementation of supply systems for Supply, Storage and Distribution efforts. Our personnel are experts in developing queries using Oracle & SQL to extract data from DLA and military service systems to provide an extensive range of products for Demand Planning, Forecasting, Supply Performance, Inventory Management, Release Strategy Workflow/Engineering Service Activity (ESA), and Performance Based Logistics (PBL) initiatives and analysis. We also develop comprehensive databases and have designed a task tracking tool (Task Tracker©) which is currently in use by our customers and has been since 2002.

LTM provides logistics/supply chain business and action planning, quality control, change management and technical quality support services for several DOD clients. We have Base Supply experiences that include traditional warehousing from wholesale to retail, including HAZMAT management experience. We also provided previous support at Red River Army Depot Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) in supply and acquisition efforts as well as all DLA Weapon system wholesale efforts. Our overall capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Program Management
  • Logistics Planning/Supply/Value Chain Management
  • Inventory Management and Stock Positioning Support
  • Business Case Analysis/Business Decision Modeling support
  • Performance Based Logistics support and analysis
  • Backorder Reduction/Inventory Optimization
  • Contracts Support including Pre/Post Award, Strategic Contract Management, Close Out
  • Wholesale & Repairable Parts Acquisition Services
  • Release Strategy Workflow & Technical Quality Support
  • Obsolescence/Inventory Reduction
  • Supply Systems process analysis and technical support
  • Data, Gap, CPI and Risk assessments and analysis

  • Supply Chain Customers

    • DLA Aviation Richmond
    • Strategic Contracting support (Data, Inventory, Market Research, BCA
      analysis support, PBL analysis, Records Management and Audit Readiness)
    • DLA Aviation Richmond, and DLA Retail Activities at San Diego, Cherry Point and Jacksonville
    • Inventory Management and Stock Positioning (IMSP II)
    • Supply Chain Management and Retail Activity support
    • Data Analysis and System Support
    • Data Analysis and Weapons System support
    • Provisioning Support to DLA and DLIS management analysis support
    • Other areas of support:
    • USS Lincoln refueling and Comprehensive Overhaul Support at NAVAIR’s Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) support
    • JB Elmendorf – Richardson – Base Support
    • DLA Columbus Logistics Support Services
    • DLA Philadelphia Pre/Post Award support