Task Tracking: Task Tracker©

LTM has developed a comprehensive task tracking system, “Task Tracker©”, that enables users to create, assign, track, and communicate task requirements effectively and efficiently. LTM’s system is currently in use by our customers and has been utilized since 2000. LTM developed and implemented the system specifically to provide a task management product for our customer’s auditable and verification use. The system eliminates email, manual, and other record keeping systems used to depict verifiable details of the work customers assign. Task Tracker is a web-based application that allows users to interact with databases, spreadsheets, and other web-pages to produce detailed documents from historical task information; on demand. It also enables customers to see task assignment details and task progress in real time.

How It Works

  1. When a customer/task requestor has a task requirement they sign in and input the specific requirement data and special instructions into Task Tracker. The input is then assigned a Task number and (as required) issued to an approving authority for the next level of approval.

    * Input information includes: the task requestor, request date, time, approved date, approved by, due date, data requirement, special instructions, and priority.

  2. Once a task approval is posted in Task Tracker, a senior “task provider” is notified and they use Tracker to assign the item to the appropriate functional area task performing member.
  3. Once task is assigned, the customer requestor is notified electronically and Task Tracker is updated with “Assigned To” information.

    * A company task provider has the ability to sub-assign detailed requirements to employees or teams that will accomplish the task or provide support.

  4. The customer can then track suspense and progress in real time using their specific assigned task number(s) which is visually depicted on their task windshield.
  5. When a task is complete and a delivery is made to the customer requestor, the submitter updates Task Tracker with the delivery date, delivered to information, and delivery method (e-mail, hand delivered etc.)
  6. Once the customer verifies the submittal meets their quality requirements they close the task and Tracker adds it to the customer’s historical file. This gives the customer years of task completion reach back.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Streamlines task assignment and tracking methodologies
  • Reduces task processing times
  • Increases task communications
  • Simplifies tasking order creation (recurring tasks can be scheduled)
  • Simplifies changes to tasks including amended requirements
  • Provides a real time task progress monitoring system
  • Allows all customers (teams, management, and et al) to have task visibility (as required)
  • Each user has a personal account to access their tasks
  • Task Tracker is web based and can be accessed from any location
  • Compiles a historical file that allows for development of customized reports and task reach back

LTM’s Task Tracker© team will be happy to give a demonstration upon request.