Quality Assurance Program

Our delivery of quality products and outstanding service performance is the result of the implementation of our Total Quality Leadership program which is designed to build repeatable quality into our products “the first time”. Integral to the program is our periodic Managers’ Meeting where quality, program and management issues are discussed. LTM builds control measures into our plans and procedures as a way of maintaining accountability and responsibility for program support services. We use control measures to identify potential problems early so we can take immediate corrective action and still meet the milestones and high standards. The following are the types of control measures LTM implements to monitor and maximize quality.

Control Measures: Purpose: Data Collection Method:
Reports Current status of program, projects, systems Staff input and automated systems available on-line
Milestones Monitor schedule and project progress Comparison of planned to actual milestones available on-line
Visits On-site verification of support services Personal observations, informal face-to-face communications
Periodic meetings Obtain customer guidance and feedback Written notes, minutes, action items, and milestones available on-line
User feedback Gauge user satisfaction/ dissatisfaction Regular informal meetings with customer managers, Customer Surveys / CPAR / Award Fee Reviews
Financial reports Identify financial status, issues, and problems, ensure accuracy Corporate financial management system reports, Program Manager verification of reports available on-line

Table 1. Quality Control Measures. LTM quality control measures ensure quality and cost control.

LTM Quality commitment is demonstrated by the strides we’ve taken in maintaining our ISO 9000 compliance under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

LTM’s TQL program starts with the personal commitment of our president and is implemented through a comprehensive management system that empowers individual employees and promotes teamwork Every employee is empowered to use the resources necessary to produce quality services and products, and is held responsible both for that quality as well as for the resources used in achieving them. We have found that empowerment and a sense of control are the best motivators to a true professional. Our program succeeds through management-employee teamwork and a quality assurance umbrella of activities covering all processes and procedures. LTM employees are focused on customer satisfaction. All managers and employees are involved in the improvement of our work processes and organization. This ensures the quality of our products and services while meeting our cost reduction goals.

To gain maximum benefit of “lessons learned” and to enhance product quality and operational productivity, LTM’s corporate level Quality Manager collects valuable data points throughout task performance and development of systemic improvements for organizational incorporation. The Quality Manager reports directly to LTM’s president on all quality issues.

All of the LTM Team’s proposed Key personnel will have proven experience in elements of the SeaPort – e Statement of Work. LTM’s Program Manager will assign tasks to qualified personnel who are technically competent to perform on the particular task and who understand customer requirements and expectations.